Sleep Radio


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Painted Water - Ilana's Mansion (Original Mix) [4XYX]Live
  • Cousin Silas - The Stream Never Froze In Winter [4XIT]
  • Kelly David - Into the Ether [4Xx4]
  • Peter Sterling - Shores of Eternity [4Xyt]
  • Genevieve - Restful Mix [4XMW]
  • Vangelis - Memories Of Blue [4Y5r]
  • David Wahler - Afterain [4XrU]
  • Llewellyn - From Seeds Of Love [4XUL]
  • M. Persson: Sounds - Minimal sketches 1 [4XW0]
  • Mind Over Matter - Brahmaputra [4XXB]


Established by John Watson in Te Aroha, Auckland, NZ, in 2014, Sleep Radio is a very particular internet radio station. It plays music to help the listeners relax and sleep.


The station that wants you to sleep while listening.


Te Aroha, Auckland, New Zealand
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