RDU (Christchurch)

98.5 FM

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SCHOOL  OF THE  SWAN    (nz) - For Wad it's    WorthLive
  • MELANIE (nz) - Accident,       Emergency
  • OLIVER  PRINCE  (nz) - Crumbs
  • LORD    ECHO    (nz) - Molten Lava
  • ANDREAS KUNZMANN - Sleeping SunnyDay
  • KETTAMA - Saint   Laurent
  • MISH &  GREEEN  (chc) - E=MC2
  • OTHRSHIP - Take  Your    Pills
  • ANDWAHN (nz) - Sky     Creature
  • HARRY   NATHAN - Cosmic Perspective


Based in Christchurch, RDU is an independent radio station that started broadcasting in the mid seventies. Its programming focuses on alternative contents and some of its most popular programmes are Flammable Material, Sunday Roast, Wonk Panthers, Dubwize and Vintage Cuts.

Main Programs

  • RDU Morning Mix
  • The Dig
  • Hauswerk
  • Dog's Breakfast
  • Sensei Sessions

Main DJs

  • Martin Jay
  • John Ussher
  • Dan Veitch
  • Matt Hemens
  • Molo


Christchurch, New Zealand
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